Be Kind to Animals Week

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May 6-12 is National Be Kind to Animals Week.  Animals often make such an impact in our lives, whether it's your pet dog or cat, or the wild deer you watch in your backyard.  For some people, their pets are their children, their assitance to get around, or even their therapists.  Pets play so many roles today, yet there are still so many who are homeless, neglected and abused.

Be kind to animals by giving your pet a loving home with good food, fresh water, and shelter.  Take your pet to the veterinarian for routine visits and when ill.  Remember to spend one-on-one time with your pets, either grooming, playing, walking, or just sitting and petting.  This includes dogs and cats, as well as large animals (horses, other farm animals) and pocket pets/caged animals like guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.

Be kind to animals by watching out for wildlife.  There are humane ways to deal with 'nuisance' wildlife.  If you find orphaned or injured wildlife, there are places to take them for special care in the hopes of being able to go back to the wild.  Even wild animals have an important role in the ecosystem.

Be kind to animals by reporting neglected and abused animals.  We are the voice for animals and need to be the ones to seek help for them.  This includes supporting legislation for local laws, etc.

Be kind to animals by supporting your local humane societies, animal shelters, and wildlife rehabilitation centers.  Most of the places are staffed heavily by volunteers and rely a lot on donations.  It doesn't have to be a monetary donation, but pet food, bedding, cleaning supplies, etc.  Contact your local shelter for a list of items they need-any donation is greatly appreciated.

These are just a few ways you can participate in Be Kind to Animals WeekSpread the kindness throughout the year-every week should be Be Kind to Animals Week!

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