Veterinary Technician Week

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Every year, the third week of October is known as National Veterinary Technician Week.  This year, it’s October 15-21.

Registered veterinary technicians (RVT’s) in general practice are similar to Registered Nurses, except they perform a wide variety of duties every day on the job.

Duties of a veterinary technician include:

Obtain histories or reason for visit

Discuss concerns with pet owners

Prepare Vaccinations

Nutrition Counseling

Client Education

Assist Veterinarians with exams

Phlebotomy (blood draws)

Process and perform laboratory tests on blood, urine and feces; report results to vet

Place IV catheters

Administer and monitor IV fluid therapy

Administer and monitor anesthesia

Perform Dental cleanings

Assist veterinarians in surgery

Monitor anesthesia patients after surgery

Prepare instruments for surgery

Clean and sterilize instruments after surgery

Administer medications (oral and injectable)

Monitor hospitalized patients

Prepare medications to dispense to clients

Nail Trims

Express Anal Glands

Clean Ears

Restrain pets for exams, minor procedures

Grief Counseling

Assist with euthanasias

Answer phone calls

Schedule appointments

Check out clients after a visit

Wash laundry

Wash pet bowls

Clean cages/runs



Registered veterinary technicians must graduate from an accredited veterinary technician school, and pass a national board exam.  In Ohio, technicians are required to renew their license every two years.

Veterinary assistants can perform the majority, but not all, of the above tasks with training and supervision.

Suburban Animal Clinic is fortunate to have a wonderful staff of registered technicians, assistants and students.

RVT’s: Anne, Dawn, Dawna, Brooke, Evelyn, Meghan

Veterinary Assistant: Brittany

Technician Student: Mary

Veterinary Medicine Students: Kirk, Emily, Lauren, Anna