Clinic Tour

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Our Building

Suburban Animal Clinic is located at 640 N. Wilson Rd at the corner of Wilson and Fisher. We are about a quarter of a mile from the freeway entrance and exit on Wilson Rd. Our clinic can be reached easily from the westside, northwest side, Hilliard, Galloway, Hilltop, Grandview, Upper Arlington, and Grove City. We welcome new clients.

Our Sign

Our sign is very visible from Wilson Rd. We frequently change the marqui with new annoucements and promotions. Suburban Animal Clinic is proud to be a member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1975 as noted on our sign with the AAHA logo. We welcome your calls.

AAHA Accredited

We are an AAHA Accredited Practice, meaning that we are evaluated every 3 years by the American Animal Hospital Association to be sure we provided the highest standard of care possible for your pets.  This accreditation is voluntary, and only a small percentage of animal hospitals choose to become accredited.

Cat Friendly Practice

We are a "Cat Friendly Practice", meaning we think your cat family is very important and we want them to be comfortable. Cats are often upset about leaving their secure home, so we do our best to make their visit is smooth as possible.

Reception Area

Our reception desk is the central location where the scheduling of all admissions, dismissals, appointments and all incoming telephone inquiries are handled. Our friendly client relation specialists reside here and are available for business transactions as well as answering veterinary-related questions that clients may pose.


Our lobby has comfortable chairs to relax in while you wait for your pet to be called into a room or for your pet's treatment. We have a cage with finches that are fun to watch fly and play. They are especially entertaining for our cat clients.  

Enjoy a hot coffee or warm tea during your appointment with our Keurig.  Cold water is available behind the desk.


We keep thorough medical records as outlined by the American Animal Hospital Association containing doctors notes, vaccination records, prescription medications, and medical history.

Pet Store

Our reception area includes a section devoted to veterinary products including food, toys, leashes, collars, shampoo, sprays, and vitamins as well as other products.

Pet Odor Eliminator Candles

Our clinic sells Pet Odor Eliminator Candles!  We have a variety of scents available, and the staff agree that they smell great and the really do work on pet odors!


We have a complete pharmacy that contains most of the prescription medications used for your pets. We can also compound medicines with different flavored liquids to make dispensing the medication to your pet easier and more palatable.

Prescription Diets

We carry a comprehensive line of prescription foods if your pet develops a health condition that requires a special diet.  Hill's, Purina, and Royal Canin all have variety of prescription diets.  Should your pet require a special diet, our veterinarians and technicians can talk with you about the best choice for you and your pet.

Exam Room

Our clinic cat, Midnight, is showing off our exam room.  Suburban Animal Clinic has 4 examination rooms.  Three of our rooms are set up the same way, with seating for the owners (or the pets!) and an exam table.  We provide comfy towels for the table during your pet's visit.  Larger dogs can be examined on the floor, or even on the bench if that is where they are most comfortable.


Our Treatment room is perhaps the busiest place in the clinic.  Here is where we prep for surgeries, perform blood draws, nail trims, and sometimes closer examination of something requiring additional lighting or instruments.  Right around the corner is the treat station, a favorite of many dogs!  Don't worry kitties, we have treats for you, too!

ICU Area

Our treatment area also contains a critical care area where the patient can be monitored. Also available are IV monitors if fluids are being given to regulate the amount of fluid intake.

Surgery Suite

Our surgery suite is our designated room where surgical procedures are performed. All patients having surgery have anesthesia and the availability for heart rate monitoring, respiration rate, body temperature, and ECG levels if needed. A veterinary technician and doctor regulate anesthesia throughout the procedure.

Dental Health

Our treatment area contains a wet-prep dental table and a digital dental x-ray. This allows us to evaluate a pet's mouth for hidden oral disease. The wet-prep table helps us keep pets as dry as possible and minimizes any potential contamination to surrounding surfaces.

Our registered technicians are trained to clean your pet's teeth, take dental radiographs, and alert the veterinarian of any problems in the mouth.


After the technician cleans your pet's teeth, the veterinarian will perform an oral exam and any necessary oral surgery, including extractions.

Vital Signs Monitoring

All anesthetized patients receive complete vital signs monitoring by our trained registered technicians.  Your pet's heart rate and rhythm, respiration rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature will be closely monitored.


Our ultrasound unit allows us to peer inside your pet and get a look at the structure of various organs including the heart, liver, spleen, urinary bladder, prostate and kidneys. Unlike x-rays that show the size and shape of various organs, ultrasound gets a look at the internal structure of the organs in detail.

Digital X-Ray

Our x-ray room houses our x-ray machine designed for the radiographic needs of a veterinary hospital. Images of our patients are the best possible. The x-ray helps our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems.

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays provide a quick system of patient evaluation and the ability to show x-rays to clients on an ipad or to email to a radiology specialist for evaluation. The x-ray can be modified on the computer to zoom in on a particular part of the image to see it better. This x-ray shows bladder stones in a dog.


We have an in house laboratory that allows us to perform certain blood, fecal, and urine tests, as well as ear and skin cytologies.  We also do in house testing for Feline Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus, as well as Canine Heartworm Disease (this test includes Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis, 3 tick-borne diseases).

We work closely with Idexx Laboratory, where we can also send a vide variety of tests to monitor your pet's health.


Our quiet clean kennel contains 3 runs, 1 isolation run and multiple size holding cages where patients are housed during outpatient procedures or when they need overnight care.

Wall of Fame

One of our walls displays all of our licenses and credentials. In addition, our AAHA plaque is hung here. You can see all of our updated licenses. To renew, the doctors and technicians have to have a certain amount of continuing education. Check it out!


We believe that our clients deserve the most current information to make the best decisions about their pet's health. We offer free brochures on most any topic. Not only are they kept here in the pharmacy hallway but they are in all the exam rooms. The exam rooms contain specific brochures to topics we are focusing on for a particular month.

Companion Laser Therapy

One of our exam rooms is used to perform "Companion Laser Therapy". The room is quiet and peaceful and even soothing music is played. This room is also used for accupuncture.


We have a convenient wheel chair accessible restroom for your convenience. Check out the gallery of pet pictures.

Monthly Display

Every month Suburban has an educational focus to help our clients better understand the importance of what we recommend to keep their pets healthy. This display is in our lobby reception area where we hope our clients find it helpful.


Our lobby has comfortable chairs to relax in while you wait for your pet to be called into a room or for your pet's treatment.  Reading material is available, as well as a Keurig, and water behind the desk.