Summer Fun in the Sun!

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With the Memorial Day weekend comes the official start of summer!  Holiday weekends and summer breaks see many dogs and their owners camping, hiking and swimming.  It’s important to keep these few things in mind to ensure a safe, fun outing.

 1)  Flea/Tick/Heartworm Preventative: All dogs should be on heartworm preventative, as mosquitoes, which transmit heartworm disease, are everywhere.  Dogs who go camping or hiking, or who walk in tall grasses or woods, should be on a flea & tick preventative.  Ticks are already out there and carry serious diseases such as Lyme & Erhlichia.  We also recently saw a dog who was positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Even the trails in our local metro parks have ticks.  Check for ticks after each outing.

 ***Note: Suburban Animal Clinic’s current special on K9 Advantix (Flea & Tick) is buy a 6pk and get 2 doses FREE!  This will cover you for the summer!  We also carry a flea/tick collar, Seresto, which lasts up to 8 months.

 2)  Bring Water: You think to carry water and snacks for yourselves, but what about your canine hiking companion?  Be sure to carry water for him too!  Avoid letting your dog drink from the pond or river, which could be sources of transmittable diseases such as Leptospirosis, as well as intestinal parasites.  Many outdoor stores or pet stores carry collapsible bowls which serve as excellent dog water bowls.

3)  Leash: All dogs outside their home or yard should be kept on a leash 100% of the time!  This protects others who may not be comfortable around dogs, as well as protects your dog from wandering off, chasing an animal, or even falling off a hillside or trail.

4)  Trails: Be sure that dogs are allowed where you are hiking or camping.  Not all trails allow dogs.  Be sure to also clean up after your dog potties.  Nobody enjoys walking a trail and finding dog poop.

5)  Don’t Overdo: Even dogs can suffer from heat related illness.  Keep this in mind, along with you dog’s current physical condition, before planning your walk.

6) Check Paws: Check your dog’s paws for any tiny rocks or thorns, anything that could irritate them or cause injury.  Also remember that the pads of the paws are sensitive, especially to heat.  If the path you are walking is blacktop or cement, consider walking your dog in the grass, or wiping the paws with a little water now and then to help cool them.

7)  Swimming: Not all dogs can swim!  If you are allowing your dog to swim, consider a doggie life vest.  When your dog is done swimming, either bathe or at least rinse him off well to clean off the pond/creek water.  Also be sure to clean the ears with a pet ear cleaner and cotton balls to remove any debris and excess water and avoid ear infections.

8)  Cars: Remember that the insides of cars heat up very fast, even with windows cracked and on a day you may perceive as cool.  Never leave your dog unattended in a car!  Unattended dogs will find things to keep them busy, which could be searching our dropped food under the seats, snacks or coins in the cup holders, or chewing your leather seats.

By remembering these tips, you and your dog can have a safe and fun summer!

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