Suburban Celebrates RVT's!

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This week we celebrate National Vet Tech Week!


Veterinary Technicians are an important part of the veterinary practice.  While some practices utilize mostly veterinary assistants (with on the job training and little or no schooling), others, like Suburban Animal Clinic, utilize Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT'™s).  RVT'™s (CVT's or LVT'™s in other states) must complete a minimum 2 year program in Veterinary Technology (usually containing internships in practice), and take and pass a national exam.  Registered vet techs are licensed by the state and must renew their license every two years as well as complete a required number of continuing education hours.


While on the job training is important, the classroom work of the Veterinary Technology program provides the important background of information necessary before learning the hands-on skills.  Technicians must take classes in health and disease, anatomy and physiology, hematology, parasitology, radiology, anesthesiology, pharmacology (learn about various medications, their uses and how they work), microbiology and more.  Also included in Veterinary Technology programs is training in necessary medical skills (ie blood draws, placing intravenous catheters, taking vital signs, safe animal restraint for procedures, anesthesia monitoring, reading laboratory samples, and much more).


Many people do not realize the importance of a properly trained vet tech.  In fact, some people call themselves vet techs, when in reality, they are veterinary assistants.  Vet assistants can be of help to veterinarians and technicians, however, they cannot do all of the things that technicians are trained to do (and allowed to do once licensed).  Think about RVT is similar to an RN (registered nurse) in human medicine.  Would you want someone with no professional training/schooling to be your nurse in the hospital?  Or would you want only the most highly trained professionals working with you or your family?  Why would you want any different for your pets?


Suburban Animal Clinic is proud of its Registered Veterinary Technicians, and recognizes the important role they play in your pet's health care.  Our veterinary technicians function as surgical assistants, anesthesiologists, laboratory techs, x-ray technicians, dental hygienists, critical care nurses, receptionists, kennel staff, cleaning staff, assistants during exams, grief counselors, and more.  One important role vet techs have in the practice is that of education.  Vet techs have a wealth of knowledge both from school and from experience, and are largely responsible for assisting veterinarians in educating pet owners.


Veterinary technicians do a little bit of everything in a clinic setting!  Sometimes it'™s not a very fun or glamorous job.  There'™s always the chance that a patient will bite you.  You may get dirty working with the patients.  Sometimes an emergency comes in and you have to work later than planned, come in overnight or work holiday weekends.  But most veterinary technicians will say that they're in the field because they love animals and want to help them get well and stay healthy.


Meet our technicians, assistant, and veterinary students by clicking this link:


For more information on the Veterinary Technician program at Columbus State Community College, please visit


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