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Spring is finally turning the corner in Central Ohio!  It's teasing us with sunshine and warmer temperatures.  As the sunshine and warm weather returns, so do some threats to our pets.

Parasites are a concern year round.  However, with the thawing of the ground and more people and pets getting back outside again, the risk of parasite exposure increases.  Be sure to have your pet's stool checked annually for microscopic parasites, some of which can spread to people.  Many heartworm preventions contain a medication to help prevent the common parasites.

Fleas are an issue twelve months out of the year, and ticks are a problem 8-10 months out of the year here in central Ohio.  Many pet owners stop their flea and tick control in the fall.  Now is definitely the time to start it up again!  We recommend starting on or before April 1st, and continuing monthly until at least November.  If you use the Seresto Flea/Tick collar, check to see when you last replaced it.  It's good for about 8 months.

Spring planting is right around the corner (hopefully!).  Watch out for the bulbs and seeds being planted, and the flowers blooming, as some are toxic to pets.  Check out the ASPCA Pet Poison Control http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control for a list of what is potentially harmful to your pet.

Open windows, fresh breeze....sigh....but watch out for window dwellers!  Cats love to sit in open windows.  Check to be sure your window screens are intact and secure before opening windows and letting your pets enjoy the view and the breeze.

Spring is notoriously baby season for the local wildlife.  Deer, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, opossums, and birds of all sizes birth their young in the spring.  The adults become fiercely protective of their dens/nests and their young, especially as the young begin to venture out.  Watch your yard carefully for wildlife families and do your best to keep pets away from those areas.  Any wildlife concerns should be directed to the Ohio Wildlife Center http://www.ohiowildlifecenter.org/dnn/

With a little thinking ahead and preparation, everyone can enjoy the long awaited spring!

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