Holiday Pet Donations-CAHS

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As the holidays approach, everyone is rushing to find that perfect gift.  Most pet owners even buy for their pets!  It's the Season of Giving, and many people use this time of year to give to various charities or organizations, such as Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, or food banks.

In the spirit of the season, Suburban Animal Clinic is collecting donations for Capital Area Humane Society.  CAHS has been helping homeless pets for more than 100 years, and rely heavily on donations of money and supplies to provide for the pets in their care.  CAHS also works to fight against animal cruelty and neglect.  Without the public's help, the shelter would not be able to function.

Please help us help Capital Area Humane Society by bringing in an item (or items) from their Wish List:

- **pet food (canned or dry-Science Diet preferred)                        - cat litter (clay, non-clumping, unscented)
- ** Heavy Duty Nylon leashes & buckle collars (no slip collars)     - ** EZ Walk Harnesses
- **Kong Toys (sz LG & up) - ** Busy Buddies
- Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble - Peanut Butter (creamy)
- Busy Bone Chew Treats (sm/med)     - Jumbones
- used fleece blankets or throws (no fringe or quilting) - Bunny Toys    

Suburban Animal Clinic will match donations for any item purchased at Suburban Animal Clinic.  Items containing ** are available at our clinic.

The list above contains just a few of the items on Capital Area's Wishlist.  For a complete list, and more information about Capital Area Humane Society, please visit their website at

During this season of giving, let's not forget to give to homeless pets in need!  Come on in and shop for your pet, and pick up an extra to give to pets in need!

Please send monetary donations directly to Capital Area Humane Society.

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