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It is near impossible to have a conversation right now that doesn’t involve the coronavirus.  What is going on in our country today is something we have never before experienced, and every day there are changes and updates.

We at Suburban Animal Clinic want to help give you reliable information that applies to you and your pets.

First, some COVID-19 FAQ’s from the American Veterinary Medical Association:

Q: Can COVID-19 infect pets?

A: Currently, there is no evidence that pets can become sick with COVID-19.  Infectious disease experts, the CDC, and WHO indicate that there is no evidence to suggest that our pet dogs and cats can be a source of infection with COVID-19 to people.

NOTE:  There are types of coronavirus that animals can get, however, they are not transferable to people, and as above, there is no evidence dogs and cats can get COVID-19.

Q: Can pets transmit the virus on their fur?

A: Pet hair is porous and fibrous, however, it is unlikely that you would get COVID-19 from touching your pet.  However, it is recommended to always wash your hands before and after handling animals to prevent other disease transmission.

Q: How can I prepare for pet care if I get COVID-19?

A: Select a healthy person in your home to care for your pets.  It’s suggested that you have a 2 week supply of pet food and medications.

Now, here is Suburban’s protocol that is in place for the time being:

1)  The State of Ohio, as of 3/22/2020, has deemed veterinary hospitals as ‘essential businesses,’ and as such, we are OPEN.  We are currently seeing well-appointments and sick appointments, as well as surgeries and dental procedures. (We are implementing reusable masks and such in order to conserve disposable items known as PPE.)

2)  Staff members who are ill are to remain at home.

3)  Clients are to remain in their cars during their time at Suburban.

4)  Curbside Concierge Appointments: Upon arrival for any appointment, please call our office.  A staff member will talk to you about the reason for your visit, and get a contact phone number for you.  Then a staff member will come out and collect your pet.  After the doctor exam, the doctor will call you to discuss your pet’s care.  Payment is collected over the phone, and your pet will then be returned to your car.


5)  Medication and Food Refills: All requests must be called into the clinic in advance.  Staff will fill the order, then call you for payment over the phone and to let you know your order is ready for pick-up.  When you arrive at the clinic, please call us, and we will bring your order to your car.

NOTE: It is recommended that you have at least 2 weeks of pet food and pet medications on hand.

6)  We do ask if you are ill, to remain at home and send your pet to us with another person.  Also, we ask that you let us know if someone in your home is sick so we can take proper precautions as well.

All points above are in place to protect you, as well as our staff, so we may continue to provide care for your pets during this pandemic.  We monitor updates from the CDC and the State of Ohio daily, and will make changes as needed.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s care and health.