Breed Spotlight-Maine Coon Cat

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The Maine Coon Cat (American Longhair) is a native long-haired cat and was first recognized as a specific breed in the state of Maine.  In fact, it is the state cat of Maine.  This breed has long been known for their talents as mousers.


The Maine Coon developed naturally on its own through survival of the fittest.  This breed is perfect for Maine’s bitterly cold winters with their shaggy coat of 3 lengths, tufted ears, and long bushy tail, all of which aid in warmth.  The large tufted paws enable this cat to walk on the snow, despite its weight.


This intelligent breed has a kind disposition and can easily charm its owner for what it wants.  These Gentle Giants, weighing in at 12-18 pounds, are good with children and other pets, and make good therapy pets.  Their long hair requires frequent brushing to keep it healthy and free from knots.  A variety of colors and patterns are seen with this breed.


The Maine Coon Cat’s most common health concerns include hyperthrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, and polycystic kidney disease.


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