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Recently there was a report on the news of a man in the Columbus area said to be impersonating a Franklin County Animal Control officer.  The man said he was there to 'check on the animals.'  It is believed that he was attempting to steal some dogs.

Please be careful when letting your pets outside.  Never leave them unattended.  Always make sure your dogs are licensed.  It is highly recommended that all pets be microchipped.  Microchipping is permanent and gives you the best chances of getting your pet returned to you should they become lost or stolen.

Below is a link to the article on 10TV's website, who featured the story:


Included is information about what Animal Control officers wear and the type of vehicles they drive.  If you are ever unsure if it's really an Animal Control officer at your door, feel free to call the Franklin County Dog Shelter to verify if an officer has been sent to your residence.  Anyone with information regarding this impersonator, please call Columbus Police.