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  • WARNING-Impersonator

    Mon Feb 27 10:48:42 EST 2012 by: Dawn, RVT Tag: "News" 

    Recently there was a report on the news of a man in the Columbus area said to be impersonating a Franklin County Animal Control officer.  The man said he was there to 'check on the animals.'  It is believed that he was attempting to steal some (read more)

  • Take Care of Those Teeth @ Home!

    Mon Feb 20 09:50:18 EST 2012 by: Dawn, RVT Tag: "News" 

    So....your pet doesn't like having his or her teeth brushed.  Or it's just too difficult to fit into your schedule.  That's okay!  We have other options for you!  We have something for every pet.

    The next best option for home (read more)

  • Brush Those Teeth!

    Tue Feb 14 15:42:07 EST 2012 by: Dawn, RVT Tag: "News" 

    So now that you've taken advantage of our $15 off dental special and your pet's teeth are squeeky clean, how do you keep them that way?

    The best way, of course, is to brush their teeth.  Ideally pets should have their teeth (read more)

  • Get Those Teeth Cleaned!

    Tue Feb 07 14:11:04 EST 2012 by: Dawn, RVT Tag: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

    So your veterinarian recommended a dental cleaning and you may be asking yourself, "Does my pet really need his/her teeth cleaned?"  The answer is probably YES!

    When your pet comes in for an exam, the vet will look at (read more)

  • Antifreeze dangers

    Fri Feb 03 10:06:25 EST 2012 by: Dawna, RVT Tag:

    As winter continues, many people will "winterize" their automobiles, including a change of antifreeze. Take care to keep both new and used antifreeze in a sealed container, out of reach of pets. Clean up any spills of antifreeze on driveways and other h (read more)