Behavioral Changes in Senior Pets

posted: by: Dawn, RVT Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

As pets age, the process of aging can affect the brain like it does other organs.  The loss of brain function in aging pets shows as changes in behavior.


Pets with cognitive dysfunction may have the following symptoms:

            - House-soiling accidents or doesn’t ask to go outside

            - Doesn’t seek attention from or greet family members

            - Doesn’t respond to verbal cues

            - Appears lost or confused, may stare into space or at walls

            - Pacing

            - Sleeps more during the day or less at night

            - Increased vocalization

            - Changes in attitude


Sometimes these symptoms could be indicative of other illnesses, so a thorough exam is needed to rule out other potential causes.  Once it is determined that your dog is suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction, he or she may be given a medication called Senilife which contains anti-oxidants to help with brain health & function.  Senilife improves neuron communication and cerebral blood flow.  The goal is to decrease the severity of the patient’s symptoms.


Also available is Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D.  This special diet contains anti-oxidants, amino acids and vitamins to help with brain health.  B/D works different than Senilife and has shown good results in dogs who are able to be on this diet.  Please note that not all dogs are able to eat B/D due to other health concerns.


Don’t link behavior problems to age and figure there’s nothing you can do.  There is something you can do!  Talk to your veterinarian about trying B/D or Senilife and improve your dog’s quality of life!