Adopt-a-Cat Month

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June is Adopt-a-Cat month!  Cats make excellent pets, and many cat people will tell you that cats are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!


Here are some reasons why cats make good pets:

- Great apartment/small dwelling pets: cats don’t need a huge yard to run in like dogs

- Don’t have to go outside to potty: although you have to deal with a litter box, you don’t have to let the cat outside or rush home so the cat can go out to potty

- Don’t have to walk in the rain or cold for exercise: climate controlled indoor exercise!

- Don’t need regular trips to the groomer like many dog breeds: still needs regular brushing/combing, but no fancy cuts or multiple baths per year

- Most are able to be on their own if you must be gone overnight or for a few days: Leave food & water out, and pay the neighbor kid to come check the food/water and scoop the box every couple days.


It's important to remember that cats do need to visit the vet on a regular basis, and they also need regular brushing/combing at home.  If your cat won't allow you to do this, ask your veterinarian if it can be done at a visit.


Over the years, many people have studied the human-animal bond.  It’s been proven that having an animal companion lowers stress and blood pressure, which leads to better health, both mentally and physically.  There’s nothing better than snuggling with a purring, cuddly kitty.


Check out these local organizations if you’re considering adding a cat to your home:


Capital Area Humane Society 614-777-7387

Cozy Cat Cottage 614-336-8510

Cat Welfare 614-268-6096

Colony Cats 614-570-0471


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